30 cucumbers
1/2 c. course salt
2 quarts water
2 Tbs. vinegar
4 cloves garlic
4 bay leaves
1/4 tsp. mustard seed
1 tsp. mixed pickling spice
10 sprigs dill

Use even-sized cucumbers and be sure they are firm. Wash and dry them. Arrange the cucumbers in a crock or jar. Bring the salt and water to a boil. Cool, and then add the vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, mustard seed, and pickling spice. Pour over the cucumbers. Arrange the dill over all. The liquid should completely cover the cucumbers--if not, add more salted water. If crock is used, cover with a plate or wooden board to weight it down. Loosely cover with cheesecloth. Keep in a cool place for a week. If you like very green pickles, you might test one at the end of 5 days.

(from Mother Earth’s hassle-free Vegetable Cookbook, by Joel Rapp)

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